Akamai Solutions, LLC is an independently owned and operated
consulting firm located in Grand Prairie, Texas serving the entire Dallas and
Fort Worth metroplex including but not limited to Grand Prairie, Arlington,
Cedar Hill, Mansfield, Duncanville, DeSoto and Irving. Our consulting model is
to collaboratively develop clever and intelligent solutions that fit the
client's needs.

In 1979, the company was started as Independent Data Analysis (IDA), a
consulting firm specializing in the statistical analysis of clinically and
experimentally gathered research data. The consulting company grew to include
"C" programming of artificial intelligence systems with further expansion into
Unix/Xenix systems administration. Further client needs led to project
management and programming SQL databases and networked applications in a
telecommunications environment.

Full-time corporate experience as a network and systems manager for a
manufacturing company and then as an IT director to CIO for another
manufacturing company provided additional IT expertise. Throughout 15 years in
the corporate world, we continued to do part-time consulting under the IDA name.
Helping others through our consulting has always been our passion, and in April
of 2007, we launched the new consulting business, Akamai Solutions,LLC.

We will work with you to develop solutions that work for you.

You can check John's resume here.

We can help with any hardware, software or networking problems that you
may have with your desktop or notebook computers.

If we are a Texas company, why do we have a Hawaiian word in our name? Our
company founder is a graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa.
While in college in Hawaii (at the then Chaminade College), an
instructor called him Akamai. This word fits our idea of what we want
to deliver to our clients - clever, intelligent, or smart solutions to
their particular situation or needs.

Call Akamai Solutions at (972) 647-8618 or send an email to support at Akamai Solutions.