John E. Smith, President and CEO

Akamai Solutions, LLC


(972) 647-8618 Ofc.

(214) 536-7824 Cell



Peerless Manufacturing Company, Inc., Dallas, Texas , 2/94 to 4/07, Last position Chief Information Officer.

Responsibilities/accomplishments include:

· Established and achieved goals for IT in line with overall business objectives

· Established and enforced corporate IT/communications policy and procedures for SOX compliance

· Created blueprint for enterprise-wide IT strategy and standards

· Determined short list of vendors capable of delivering solutions, obtained bids, negotiated and administered contracts

· Approved spending for all IT-related products and services

· Provided IT asset management

· Posess an overall knowledge of all business operations

· Converted data and information into communicable user knowledge

· Empowered the organization to meet customer demands

· Supported ongoing competitive positioning

· Developed corportate disaster recover/business continuity plan

· Facilitated internal teamwork and external partnerships through communication and training

· Provided systems support for Unix/Linux/Windows servers

· Developed and implemented plans to expand network and internet to all desktops

· Supported sales growth from $18 million to over $150 million

· Architected plans to expand and replace peer-to-peer network with TCP/IP based client-server network

· Established networks for international sales offices (Singapore and UK)

· Acquired and implemented client-server ERP/MRP system

· Led team migrating from Unix-based ERP system to new Linux-based system

· Led development of corporate website, portals and web-based Project Tracking System

· Responsible for all communication serivces and hardware

· Integrated IT and communications with an acquired company (merger)

· Conducted staff meetings and assured training for all staff

· Responsible for IT and telecommunications budgeting, expenditures, planning and corporate development including international sites

· Created and maintained coporate policies, software licensing agreements, disaster recovery program, and implemented steps toward meeting Sarbane-Oxley Act

· Managed IT staffing needs

· Led IT strategic planning and innovation

Computer Consultant, 6/93 to 2/94: Managed UUCP and dial-up communications for Unix/Xenix systems, maintained computer hardware/software, provided systems analysis integration and trouble shooting. Performed financial data extraction, conversion and import to database for report generation and look-ups.

Network, Systems & Telecommunications Manager, 4/91 to 6/93, Vistawall Architectural Products, Terrell, Texas: Managed and administered wide area network connecting headquarters with facilities in three states. Responsible for network of DEC Vax, six SCO ODT/Unix and 40+Xenix CADD stations. Performed conversion from Xenix to Unix. Planned and implemented systems and networks merger with Naturalite/CPI with Vistawall. Selected and implemented Informix data base and job costing sotware. Upgraded hardware. Converted accounting and manufacturing software to a new platform.

Computer Consultant, Independent Data Analysis, 1979-1991: Established a company specializing in statistical and biostatistical data analysis. Worked on DEC-10, VAX and PDP systems using SAS and SPSS. At UTHSC Dallas, used a PDP minicomputer for analog/digital conversion. Major accomplishment: Interfaced and programmed an Apple II computer and printer through a Cyborg interface to a Grass physiograph to allow real-time data collection and analysis in a laboratory setting. It was the first time this had been done. During the consulting years, worked with various business, hardware platforms and software applications primarily in sales, installation, training, trouble shooting, and overall network and systems administration.


University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii BA

University of Texas 58 Graduate School hours